The origines

Emmanuel Frizac

My entrepreneurial journey was born from a desire: to share a know-how, products, an ideal world that I would have created.

My experience in manufacturing artisanal candles and perfumes, inspired me in following this ambition : to gratify and to captive your senses, through quality fragrances and textures.

Origine was born out of this promise of sensoriality and since 2011, we have been working to pursue this vocation. Born in Provence, because Provence is my land, Origine looks like us, looks like you.

Because our DNA is made of authentic cosmetology, shaped by craftsmanship, passion and work, we know our products and we manufacture each and every of them with passion. We do it for you and that is enough to make us proud.

We are proud that Origine is able today to offer you the world.

And in our turn, we are accountable to the World for what it offers us. Our commitment to naturalness guides us every day towards a virtuous path that respects nature. Conscious of our luck, I will use your trust  to make Origine what it must be, a committed and caring  brand.


Emmanuel Frizac